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We started with our venture on a small scale. Now we made it to an online platform with years of hard work and dedication toward client satisfaction and service. Ara Enterprises offers you transparent pricing & a hassle- building material shopping experience while sitting in the comfort of your home.

We deal in various construction materials which is our area of expertise and passion. Our team of experts holds years of experience starting from procuring the raw materials to delivering them to the end consumer. Deliveries include cement, TMT steel, Bricks, and many more construction-related supplies. We now serve customers in many cities of south India and wish to expand even further in near future. Trust & Transparency has helped us to reach this level of business. Reach out to us with your dream and we can turn it into Reality. Let’s Connect.

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Our Products

Cements's composition comprising high quality clinker blended with judicious amounts of superior blast furnace slag having high glass content, From the toughest of weather conditions to corrosion and even shrinkage cracks, UltraTech Premium has you covered. The distribution of its highly engineered particles adds true value to the concrete, making it denser and impermeable.

TMX steel is a High-quality TMT bar. Thermax technology is used in the manufacturing process of these bars. The good quality of steel is shown by its being homogeneous, being easily worked at the forge, by its hardening and tempering well, by its resisting or overcoming forces, and by its elasticity. when its lustre and texture will appear.

First-class bricks are the best quality. They have a smooth surface and well-defined edges, and they work well for permanent constructions. Second-class bricks also have good strength and durability, but they are not as smooth and do not have quality edges the same way first-class bricks

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New Arrival Products

Sankar Super Power Cement

It is best suited for high performance concrete. Its high fineness is suited for plastering and finishing works. Known for its low heat of hydration, it is ideal for mass concrete pours and machine foundations. The coromandel PPC is equivalent to 53 grade cement..

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Kiscol Steel

Kiscol steel is a superior quality TMT bar with higher strength coupled with flexibility. What sets Kiscol Neosteel apart is the manufacturing process that ensures a product of unmatched quality. To begin with, it is made from virgin iron ore, which gives it the highest grade of purity.

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Maha Cement

An established brand in India, Maha Cement is known for its high strength, high performance Ordinary Portland Cement and Pozzolana Portland Cement . OPC & PPC both are high quality active hydraulic binders & are preferred brands in the market for all the construction.

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