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We started with our venture on a small scale. Now we made it to an online platform with years of hard work and dedication toward client satisfaction and service. Ara Enterprises offers you transparent pricing & a hassle- building material shopping experience while sitting in the comfort of your home.

We deal in various construction materials which is our area of expertise and passion. Our team of experts holds years of experience starting from procuring the raw materials to delivering them to the end consumer. Deliveries include cement, TMT steel, Bricks, and many more construction-related supplies. We now serve customers in many cities of south India and wish to expand even further in near future. Trust & Transparency has helped us to reach this level of business. Reach out to us with your dream and we can turn it into Reality. Let’s Connect.

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Our Products

Cement is a binding agent used in construction to bind materials together and form a solid mass. It is a key ingredient in concrete, mortar, and grout.Essential binding agent in concrete for roads, buildings, bridges, and infrastructure.Mix of cement, sand, and water used as a bonding material for bricks, stones, and tiles.

Jindal Panther TMT bars are known for their high strength, making them ideal for heavy-duty construction.The bars offer excellent bendability, allowing for easy and efficient use in various construction applications.High ductility makes these bars suitable for construction in seismic zones.

Electrical work involves the design, installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. This can include wiring, circuit boards, and electronics in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.Electrical work isn't merely about connecting wires; rather, it encompasses a broad spectrum of activities that involve several distinct techniques and skills.

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New Arrival Products

ACC Power Cement

ACC Power Cement is engineered to provide superior strength, making it ideal for heavy-duty constructions like bridges, high-rise buildings, and industrial structures.The cement offers excellent durability, ensuring that the structures withstand harsh environmental conditions and last longer.

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Jindal Panther Steel

At Jindal Panther, we take pride in being India's leading in-house producer of Fe 550D. Our unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched quality, exceptional order servicing, and continuous innovation has helped us emerge as one of the top-selling TMT retail brands across the country.

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Ambuja Cement

The company has many firsts to its credit – a captive port with four terminals that has facilitated timely, cost-effective, cleaner shipments of bulk cement to its customers. To further add value to our customers, the company has launched innovative products like Ambuja Plus, Ambuja Cool Walls, Ambuja Kawach and Ambuja Cement Compocem.

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